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Are you sure you want a Boxer?

At this point, we would assume that you have done at least a little research about Boxers in general, and have read some of the extensive literature available about the Boxer breed. However, most of the published literature does a good job of describing what a truly wonderful breed it is, oftentimes too little time is spent describing some of the Boxer's "less appealing" traits.

First of all, the Boxer is not the dog for everyone. They are in the working group, having been originally bred to hunting and guard work. Boxers are still used in may types of specialized work, including search and rescue, hearing, seeing eye and therapy dogs. They are very intelligent yet independent thinkers - they donít always see things the way we do. And you haven't seen stubborn until you've met a Boxer. Because they are intelligent, they pick things up very quickly provided they know "what's in it for them".

The Boxer has "boundless" energy, usually acting as a playful puppy well into his senior years. Think of a Boxer as the family clown or comedian. They love their human family and must always be the center of attention. You will wear down long before they even begin to slow down.

The Boxer is not an outside dog, as they are prone to heat exhaustion and bloat during summer and has insufficient coat and body fat for exposure to the winter cold. If left outside alone, they often become barkers, fence-fighters and a general nuisance. And because they are so intelligent, they can become a cunning escape artist if left unsupervised outside. If allowed to get free, the Boxer's exuberant playfulness is often times not welcomed by the unknowledgeable neighbor or frightened small child. Boxers and small children are wonderful together after the boxer and the children have each been trained in appropriate behavior towards each other.

Boxers make wonderful family pets - loyal, protective, affectionate and playful. But they must be properly trained and socialized, and training any dog requires hard work, consistency, repetition, patience and praise. Find a trainer in your area and enroll in training classes. If no classes are readily available, find books or video tapes on the subject. If you cannot commit the time to provide focused attention and training, then wait until you can make that commitment.

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