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LattaLane Boxers

  The Boxers of LattaLane  

We bought our first boxer in January 1993, an adorable little fawn puppy which we named "Brande". Our new little girl wasted no time in assuming a prominent and permanent place in our family and home as we fell hopelessly in love with the Boxer breed. Brande was no show dog, but she has been our #1 boxer ever since!

A few years later we felt the "urge" to find another Boxer, one that we could possibly get started with in conformation show competition.  Our second Boxer was another little fawn girl which we named "Brooke", which turned out to be one of the sweetest and most lovable Boxers around.  We started showing her locally in 1996, but soon learned that she simply didn't enjoy the show ring as much as we did.  We learned much about the "Boxer Standard" in our experience with Brooke, which made us much wiser when it came time for our next Boxer.

In the spring of 1997 we started an earnest search for a "real" show prospect and spent much time in research of pedigrees and study the breed.  We looked at several litters, saw many nice puppies but kept on searching for that "just right one". Our efforts were rewarded when we found a stunning brindle boy out of Savoye Kennels in Omaha, NE, who later became our "Bolt", or "CH Savoye's Lightning of LattaLane" as he is formally named.  Six months later, we acquired his littermate "Chassi", also known as "Am/Can CH Savoye's Shantilli Lace". And thus started LattaLane Boxers...............

In 1998, we joined the Heart of America Boxer Club to both learn and contribute to the Boxer breed. And in 1999, we were accepted for membership in the American Boxer Club. As members of these organizations, we are pledged to a rigid Code of Ethics and the betterment of the Boxer breed, through careful breeding programs aimed at breed improvement and health testing of all our Boxers.

We are actively involved in conformation competition, through which we have met countless new friends and acquaintances and expanded our knowledge of this wonderful breed! To date we have seen 17 Boxers acquire their AKC Championship, 2 of those also acquiring their Canadian Championship and 2 others achieving Dam of Merit status, all showcased on this page!

Seeking additional involvment in the Boxer breed, Thomas and Carol Latta applied for and were granted approval in 2010 to judge Boxers in AKC competitions

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Am/Can CH Savoye's Shantilli Lace, DOM


CH Savoye's Lightning of LattaLane


CH LattaLane's Neverending Story


CH Beate's High Sierra


CH LattaLane's Chapter Two


CH LattaLane's Cover Story, DOM


CH LattaLane's West Side Story


CH LattaLane's Continuing Story


CH Libra's U'rsovain of LattaLane


CH LattaLane's Harmonious Melody


BIS, BISS CH LattaLane's Kiss me I'm Irish


CH Savoye's Triumph at LattaLane


CH LattaLane's Irish Lyric


CH LattaLane's Back to Black

Am/Can CH LattaLane's Luck of the Irish

CH LattaLane's Wild Irish Rose of Tralee


CH Carma's Nightwatch at LattaLane

Join the LattaLane gang and become part of our extended family!

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LattaLane Boxers
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